Imagine a community of people whose desire is heaven on earth, a community of grace where everyone is accepted and respected and their journey valued, regardless of ethnicity, of their background, beliefs or place in society, a community where everyone looks out for the concerns of others and no one walks alone, a community that simply believes in a better way.

a community of people who are devoted to following Jesus together, learning to live like him and love like him, helping one another understand our faith and grow in our love for God and love for neighbour, where we are gradually being transformed into better people... better friends, better family members, better workers, better students ...becoming people who enjoy life to the full and who can deal with adversity well.

Imagine a community of peace and refreshment where it's possible to find shelter from the frenzied pace of life, to slow down and explore the mystery and meaning of our own existence, where we can take time to address the roots of our anxieties, a place of hope where we can find help and healing and the power to change.

Imagine a community like that living and working throughout Tauranga as agents of Jesus, agents of love and hope wherever they are, serving neighbours, caring for the poor, helping the oppressed, conveying the good news of Jesus through word and deed.

Imagine a community of people who live simply and ethically so that they can generously share their resources with others, a community that values and cares for the environment and reaches out  beyond social, cultural, and political barriers to offer help and hope to all.

Imagine a community of people who simply make the world a better place. That's the church Jesus died for. That's the dream of God. That's what Otumoetai Baptist Church aspires to be.